Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies – CBTS

Our CBTS programme provides the knowledge, understanding and skills required by ballet teachers at the start of their careers.

A part-time programme, enabling you to study alongside other commitments. It is delivered over two years, starting in January, and you should expect to study for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Though studied mainly by distance learning, you will be required to attend an Intensive Study Period in your first year, and you will need to be prepared to travel.

Year 1

CBTS401 How We Learn: The Stages of Development (15 credits)

Delivery: January to March

This module explores how children interact differently as they progress through the development stages and in different environments. The study tasks and observations will allow you to consider the physiological and cognitive development of children and apply this to CBTS404: Practical Teaching in Year 2 of the programme. You will be required to reflect on your own experiences of using the RAD syllabi and observations to compile case studies of children across various developmental stages. You will receive tutorial support throughout the duration of the module from the Module Tutor.

CBTS402 Safe Practice and Professional Values (15 credits)

Delivery: April to June

This module covers knowledge and understanding of the requirements of teachers in terms of safe practice and professional responsibilities. Units of work focus on the posture, functional anatomy, supplementary conditioning and how to create safe dance environments. You will research government policies looking at issues such as child protection, equal opportunities and disability pertinent to the country in which you are studying. All students study the requirements of the Code of Professional Practice for Teachers Registered with the RAD. You will receive tutorial support throughout the duration of the module from the Module Tutor.

CBTS403 Ballet and Teaching: Knowledge and Understanding (30 credits)

Delivery: June to October

This module supports you in identifying of key features of the RAD syllabi, focusing on Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance, Grade 1-5, Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate. The units cover fundamentals of ballet and Character Dance technique, demonstration as a teaching tool and music for dance teachers, in order to support you in devising progress charts which will help you to structure your teaching for CBTS404: Practical Teaching in Year 2 of the programme.

The module includes a single Intensive Study Period (10 consecutive days) where students are required to attend practical workshops and discussion groups with RAD Tutors. You will be expected to come to the Intensive Study Period with embodied working knowledge of the RAD syllabi.

ISP Delivery: Scheduled between August-September by the RAD.

Year 2:

CBTS404 Practical Teaching (45 credits)

Delivery: between January to October

The primary aim of the CBTS programme is to equip you to begin teaching and in this module, you will undertake practical teaching supported a Mentor in a dance school. The module begins with an observation of teaching, working as a teaching assistant and then teaching parts of a class until you are sufficiently prepared to teach a whole class. You are required to deliver a minimum of 45 classes over the timeframe of the module and are provided with additional tutoring and support from a Practical Teaching Supervisor.

CBTS405 Career Development and Management (15 credits)

Delivery: between August and October

In this module you will focus on future career paths and designing persuasive marketing tools for employment. You will be supported in identifying personal achievement, researching career opportunities and evaluating your position within the profession and will consider how continuing professional development may enhance your career. You will receive tutorial support throughout the duration of the module from the Module Tutor.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • One of the following RAD examinations: Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Intermediate, or an equivalent examination from a recognised dance teaching society.
  • Applicants without formal qualifications may be considered on submission of video/DVD evidence. (Please refer to the How to Apply section for guidance on the content of the video).

For information, send us your contact address and we will send you prospectus and other information