About the RAD

With over 14,000 members’ spread across 83 countries, The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world.

RAD is one of the most influential dance school organisations in the world. Our exams set standards in classical ballet and we are a global leader when it comes to professional development of dance.

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Founded in 1920 to set a high standard of dance training in the UK. Today we have teachers in 83 countries, with 36 offices and over 14,000 members worldwide. We have over 1,000 students in our teacher programs, and more than a quarter million students are trained according to our high standard of dance training each year. Our international network of sensors travels around the world to examine students within the curriculum at all levels.

RAD is the most influential institution for educational training of teaching forces, as well as the examining body, for classical ballet. We work through conferences, courses and summer schools. We also offer extensive training, certification and degree program for ballet teachers.


Our Teacher Education Department is dedicated to meeting the needs of our current and future dance teachers by offering dance teacher education programs and qualifications. Our exams are approved by Ofqual and contribute to UCAS points.

Now in our 99th year, we are still working to promote and develop dance. Our curriculum is still in use around the world and thousands of students are enrolled in our many dance courses and study programs. Our former students have gone to work in some of the most renowned dance companies in the world, and several have also turned to becoming some of the best teachers in the world. As part of our social responsibility mandate, we continue to introduce dance in a growing number of schools and municipalities.

Members of the RAD

If you are a dance artist, notator, dance teacher, dance student or simply have a say in dance, membership in the Academy can contribute to your experience of dance. Membership of the Royal Academy of Dance confirms professional status and offers support, training and advice to over 13,000 members, in 79 countries.

The Academy supports members through professional knowledge, support and technical knowledge of their highly qualified staff or through social experiences with other enthusiasts at RAD conferences, workshops, training, courses or summer / Easter schools.

We are very conscious regarding that everybody needs protection. Therefor this document is showing our procedures regarding the fact that we work with children and young adults.