Eligibility and fees

Who is eligible?

As there was no competition in 2020, we have extended the criteria for eligibility to 2021. The competition is open to young dancers aged between 15 and 20 years (on 14 June 2021) and of pre-professional status who are current members of the Royal Academy of Dance.

You only have to have your Advanced 1 (Distinction) in order to participate in the first round and, for this year only, we have extended the upper age limit to include those who missed their opportunity to participate last year. We want as many dancers to enter as possible and to be eligible for the one-to-one coaching, so entry for this stage requires candidates to hold Advanced 1 with Distinction.

Please note, that in order to be selected as a Finalist, candidates must hold Advanced 2 in Classical Ballet, with Distinction.

If you wish to benefit from this incredible coaching opportunity but have concerns about delayed examination results, do not worry. We strongly encourage you to apply and we will work with you to ensure that any delays in results do not prohibit your participation in The Fonteyn.


The fees for 2021 are in two parts. All candidates must pay £130 which includes:

  • One hour of online coaching
  • Video submission entry and adjudication
  • Administrative assistance.

If you are selected as a finalist you will be asked to pay £800 which includes:

  • accommodation in London – compulsory for all finalists,
  • three days of world-class coaching and tuition,
  • rehearsal and performance,
  • all main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • all travel between the accommodation and event venues throughout the competition,
  • pastoral care throughout the competition (provided by RAD on-site chaperones), and
  • administrative and licensing costs.

Financial assistance

There will be a bursary scheme for finalists and further details will be announced closer to the time of their announcement.

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