Quick Guildelines

From 01.01.2023 you must make sure alle these guidelines are followed. RAD will be very strict on these when it comes to filmed exams.

  •  360 degree pan of the studio is recorded at the start of each day of filming
  • School name and ID, Teacher name and ID and Entry ID number is read out at the start of each day of filming
  • All candidates self-identify (by stating their full name) at the start of each set
  • The candidates name is repeated and their candidate number read out
  • All exercises are shown – any missing exercises will be marked as ‘0’ – there will not be an opportunity to submit missed exercises at a later stage
  • Filming should be done in a minimum of SD (standard definition) 480p
  • Split footage will not be accepted – all filming must be continuous – this includes rests and changing into character or pointe shoes
  • Please ensure the camera angle is adjusted when candidates are at the barre – all candidates must be in full view – this includes their barre arm
  • Please ensure playlists are in the correct order and labelled correctly (e.g. 8XXXXX Day 1 Set 1, 8XXXXX Day 1 Set 2 etc.)


How to register a filmed Exam

When you are going to film an exam, there are some prosedures you will need to go thorugh.