4 August 2020 - 8 August 2020 12:00

Summer school Norway, Drammen 2021

RAD summerschool in Drammen

– a centenary celebration

The summer school is for all students who love Ballet.

The Royal Academy of Dance Scandinavia wants to give all students an unforgettable week, where you have 4 to 5 classes a day with a final viewing for parents and the other students. We will give you classes where all the elements of classical ballet are present: Free technique classes, and some of these classes: Repertoire, Group Dance, Neo Classical, Movement and Music, Creativity, Pre-Point Class/body conditioning

The goal is that as many ballet students as possible get the opportunity to train with some of the best teachers. That more students should experience teachers who live and breathe for their profession. Teachers who have a great understanding of the body, and the knowledge to convey this further into art. The student should get an inspiration that can give them the little extra to work a little harder when everyday life comes. It must be an objective that the student should improve their dance artistic abilities in the summer school. We want to find the new talents and help them along the way, or enjoy those who just love to dance enjoy it even more.


We make groups based on the enrolments, where students are divided by age and skills. Vi also has an advanced group for vocational students or those who have attained Advanced level. They get more classes and therefore a higher price. Timetable will be set upon arrival.


Our teachers are internationally renowned. Most of them speak English but we have our chaperones to help with translation when needed.


These are some of the classes participants will be offered. Free ballet class, Repertoire, Group dance, Virtuosity, Body conditioning, Neo classical and Creativity


And we use live music in class. The use of live music will strengthen the musicality to the students. The use of pianist is almost a stranger to students today. But we feel this is such an important element to gain quality in dance.


We will be in Drammen, 5 days at fantastic Attic, here we will have a lot of facilities, which I know we will benefit greatly. Here you will find yoga and reformer rooms in addition to beautiful studios.


Every day the students will be served a good lunch. Fruit and vegetables will be available every day in breaks. Participants musk make sure the bring a water bottle and fill this up regularly. We strongly urges that students eat and drink healthy when they are training this much. Chaperones will also try to make sure everybody takes care of them selves.


Within the week there will be organised a disco night this is for all. Those who have opted for accommodation will also be able to attend different outings in the local area, get to know each other night, etc.

As this is a celebration of our centenary we are preparing for a surprice outing for all students.


Accommodation for those who need it will be at Danvik Folkehøyskole. Here they have twin rooms, and they provide breakfast and dinner for us. Danvik is walking distance to Attic so perfect for a great week with lots of training. If you wish to stay extra nights or parents wishing to join, this must be arranged directly with Danvik. The summer school stands for accommodation Tuesday to Saturday.

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Key Information

Level Age Time Duration Fee Closing Date
Grade 3 - Advanced 10 - 18 12:00 5 days Early bird 10% discount on tuition 1000,- NOK deposit before 1st February
Ordinary fee tuition only:
Grade 3 - Intermediate 4050,- NOK
Advanced students: 4300 - NOK

Accomodation 4 nights in twin rooms: 2700,- NOK
10 June 2020 11:00pm

Who can attend?

Open for all students

The RAD summer school in Norway is open to all students, both those who have trained with RAD teachers and others. To participate, you must be 10 years old and have danced for at least three years or be on Grade 3 level. there is not upper limit but 18 is usually the eldest.


How to apply

Secure you place by booking online or contact National Manager.

To be able to take advantage of the early bird fee (10% off tuition fee) you must send an apllucation form through  – link.  opt for the early bird and pay 1000,- deposit to seccure a place. An invoice will be sent you after 1st February 2020 when ordinary fee will be the only option.